Beachfront Baby LIMITED EDITION Printed Wraps

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These water baby carriers are a must have for vacations & the summer! Performance athletic mesh, like the original Beachfront Baby line, lends breath-ability with just the right amount of stretch. Sewn by work-at-home-moms in the San Antonio, Texas area, much care & attention to detail has gone into sewing these carriers for safety and beauty.

We use only SlingRings™ brand aluminum rings in the construction of our slings.

One size carriers fit most adults who wear a size S, M or L shirt. Our “one size” carriers can be shared by multiple caregivers so no confusing size charts needed!

Limited Edition prints have been sewn in very small batches & are available for a limited time

Beachfront Baby® Carriers are a must have for vacations and hot weather!

Their lightweight performance athletic fabric lends breathability with just the right amount of stretch. The mesh fabric feels like a lightweight, silky swimsuit which keeps the sling light in the water and lets it dry quickly. With a Beachfront Baby® Carrier, baby can be worn in the shower, at the beach, at the water-park or in the pool. The carriers hold babies from 8 – 30* pounds and are machine washable. Our carriers place baby in the optimal position- high on the wearer’s chest and close enough to kiss. This is extremely important in any baby carrier but especially in any water environment.

Beachfront Baby wraps conform to the wearer’s shoulders and back for a comfortable fit that is fully customizable for babies & parents of all sizes. Wrapping is a process much like tying your shoes- it takes practice in the beginning, but soon becomes second nature. 

Beachfront Baby® Slings are fully adjustable ring slings made with SlingRings™ brand aluminum rings. Beachfront Baby® Slings contain no neoprene or buckles- just a simple piece of cloth with 2 rings sewn onto one end. The opposite ends of the sling fit through the rings, much like a belt buckle, creating a pocket that holds baby close to the wearer’s body. *Print slings are double layer and hold babies up to 35lbs.

Due to variations in monitors as well as slight variations in dye lots, some colors may look different in person than they do in our photos.

A photo instruction booklet with babywearing safety information and tips is included with each carrier. Each of our carriers include a safety & warning label with pictograms demonstrating safe versus unsafe positioning so there is always a visual reminder to the wearer of the carrier to keep baby safe.

This 100% polyester does NOT include sun protection factor. Please use care & common sense when taking your baby out in the sun or water. Don’t do anything with your baby in the carrier that you wouldn’t do with him/her in your arms. By purchasing a Beachfront Baby® Carrier, you agree to release Beachfront Baby, LLC & it’s members, employees and/or retailers from any & all liability for any injury which might result from the use of our carriers. The wearer is responsible for using the carrier safely & correctly.